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Friday, 4 January 2019


Our newest competition here at the Centre.


Each box will have 4 players (we try to group similar skill level).

Play all 3 matches (round robin) in your box within a period of 1 month – from 1st up to 28th of month.

Each match is best of 5 games with PAR (point a rally) to 15 scoring each game.

1 point is scored for every game won; I.e. if Player A wins in 4 games vs Player B; Player A gets 3 points while Player B gets 1 point.

All players must organize matches among themselves until 28th of the month (contact details of box players provided for reference).

After you set a match, book a court at Squash Centre following usual booking procedures.

All results must to be reported to Robbie Yam either by text or email on or before 28th of the month.

At end of each month, we rank players in each box based on points achieved (highest points to lowest points).

Players rotated on a monthly basis based on previous month result.

We post a scoreboard of results in the Centre and will also email the box players.


There is no extra cost in joining the Box League Comp – just pay usual court hire fees when you play your matches.

To register or for any query - email play@natsquash.co.nz