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Head Cyber Tour 160

$139.00 $100.00

The Head Cyber Tour is an excellent choice for players who like power squash. With only 160 grams, this is the lightest racket in the Cyber series. Due to the teardrop-shaped racket head the longitudinal strings run all the way down to the shaft, giving the string bed more freedom to move. This guarantees excellent power characteristics. Thanks to the high balance point - most weight is in the top – you will feel how smoothly the racket swings through the air.

The racket has a spacious sweet spot (= the ideal place to hit the ball) which allows you to control the ball even when you hit closer to the frame. The AFT technology increases the rigidity of the frame. Vibrations caused by the impact of the ball are excellently absorbed and the racket head stays very stable during the shot. This means that besides hitting hard you can also place the ball accurately into the target. The Head Cyber Tour comes with a ¾ cover.


  • TYPE: Power
  • HEAD SIZE: 500cm2 / 78 in2
  • WEIGHT (UNSTRUNG): 160g / 5.6oz
  • BALANCE (UNSTRUNG): Head Heavy
  • STRING: Synthetic Gut